Ah, spring!  When the peals of laughter on the playgrounds abound and the children frolic after being unleashed from their cages after a long winter indoors.  And it was a long, long cold (very, very cold) winter.

I took these last night at one of the playgrounds near us.  The sun was still shining, albeit low in the sky (my favorite kind of sunshine!).  The kids had a quick dinner of pb&j and we headed out for some running around.  I was hoping it would tire them out immensely, and I was right for half of our brood.  The other one still did not want to go to sleep until 9:30.  What do I gotta do to get her tired out??

This is a very long tube slide that they LOVE. 

Teeter totter fun!

Love this one

Follow the leader


I hope everyone was able to find a little sunshine this week.  What do you have to share? 😀