Theme Thursdays

Spring is a time of new beginnings. It is a time when the kids can go outside in the sandbox and play together in the fresh air. It is a time of sunshine and longer daylight hours. It is a […]

For those that would like to continue participating in Theme Thursday (which seems to be quite a few!), Amy Jo at Cheese Party will be continuing on with the theme.  She will have Megan at Mental Inventory as a backup, since she […]

When Tracey  passed over the torch to me, I was a bit reluctant to take it up.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to come up with something for every week.  I tried valiently for awhile to link it […]

…must come to an end. This coming week’s Theme Thursday will be the last one I will host.  I am having a hard time coming up with new themes each week and life is just getting so busy.  I need […]

Don’t you sometimes wish you could walk back in time to experience the past.  Growing up I read a lot of Louis L’Amour books about The Sackets and various other cowboys and pioneers in the old west.  Just riding their […]

…the baby curls didn’t have to go.  Yes…I finally cut her hair.  No scissor had touched her curly golden tresses, and it was really starting to show.  It was getting super snarly, and I don’t think swimming helps with that.  […]

Oh, how I love to relax.  Unfortunatley I don’t get a chance to do it often enough.  The kids on the other hand, can relax and take naps whenever they want.  Do they?  Why of course, not!  Kailan has pretty […]

On Saturday, Anya had her first birthday party invite where she was solo.  Usually she has been invited along with Kailan to a party, but this time it was just her.  It was at a community center and they had […]

These are a few photos from a park visit.  I don’t think I shared them here at all.  Just a nice little playtime at the elementary school playground where Kailan will start Kindergarten next Fall.  A few weeks ago was […]

Ah Kitty.  Our cat that actually likes people.  I know…it is shocking to find one.  I don’t know how many of you were with me when we got Kitty, so I thought I’d share her story. Anya was afraid of […]

Anya has, yet again, lost her precious taggies.  They are so special to her.  I forget what she did this time, but there was a note home from daycare…oh yes, she wrote on the table with her crayons.  >:( We […]

Actually it was rather warm this day.  So warm, in fact, that the ice sculptures were wilting and falling before our eyes.  Many of them fell, if not moments after I took pictures, then by the time we left.  It […]

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