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New beginnings

Spring is a time of new beginnings. It is a time when the kids can go outside in the sandbox and play together in the fresh air. It is a time of sunshine and longer daylight hours. It is a time when nature begins anew.     It is a time to marvel at people actually wanting […]

Passing on the torch

For those that would like to continue participating in Theme Thursday (which seems to be quite a few!), Amy Jo at Cheese Party will be continuing on with the theme.  She will have Megan at Mental Inventory as a backup, since she is preggo and you never know, she may have #3 on a Thursday. ;)  It’s […]

The End

When Tracey  passed over the torch to me, I was a bit reluctant to take it up.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to come up with something for every week.  I tried valiently for awhile to link it with Photography Tips, trying to give some value add to the theme.  That seemed to […]

All good things…

…must come to an end. This coming week’s Theme Thursday will be the last one I will host.  I am having a hard time coming up with new themes each week and life is just getting so busy.  I need to take something off my ever growing TO DO LIST.  The participants have been dwindling […]


Don’t you sometimes wish you could walk back in time to experience the past.  Growing up I read a lot of Louis L’Amour books about The Sackets and various other cowboys and pioneers in the old west.  Just riding their horses on untamed lands seemed like such a romantic notion.  Having horses ourselves I would […]