I have written a few tutorials for some of the designs I have drafted for my kids or myself.  Some of the tutorials are .pdf files, and you will need Adobe Reader to read them.  It is a free program you can download from the Internet if you need it.   These are picture heavy, so be patient if a takes a bit to load.  I wanted them to be fairly descriptive.
These are tutorials, so it gives you a basic description of how to make them.  I am not a pattern drafter.  I can draft for myself and my kids, but that is because the previous referenced bodies are within the range of my measuring tape.
These are all for non-commercial use.  Please ask my permission to use my designs or artwork in a commercial capacity.  I mean, I know you can totally steal them without me knowing, but I’d like to be aware.  Taking and using any pictures of my kids is a definite NO-NO, though.
Also remember…they are free and you get what you pay for it.  I tried to make them descriptive, but I have been sewing for awhile so I may leave steps out that I think everyone should know.  Sorry…I don’t spend hours and hours checking and double checking for perfection.  If you have questions, I am perfectly willing to answer them (stacy at thelandofka dot com).




Infinity Scarf with Leather Snapped Closure

This tutorial is for a scarf using woven, velveteen and leather.  You can use any manner of fabric for the scarf, but with this I would suggest non-stretch fabrics.


My Favorite Skirt

This tutorial is for my skirt that I make often.  Two pattern pieces, no darts, no zippers, etc.  It takes about an hour and a little over a yard for my size.


Cross Front Sleeveless Top for Women

This tutorial discusses how to draft a pattern from a RTW shirt and make a nice summer top.

Maxi Skirt with Wide Waistband

Just a quick tutorial on how to make a knit maxi skirt with a wide elastic waistband (it is kind of in the middle of the post).


Maxi Dress Tutorial

Tutorial on making a maxi dress with a blousey top, wide waistband and fitted bottom that flares out.





Mei Tai (Asian Baby Carrier)

This tutorial is for making Mei Tai baby carriers.  I have made probably 55-60 of these carriers and most babies like them.  I had two, one in the car and one to use at home.  These carriers are so comfortable, and learn to use the back carry.  You can get stuff done and your little one gets to be close to Mommy (or Daddy)…and they may even take a nap while you are doing your laundry!

Halter Sundress with shirred back

This tutorial is for making a halter top sundress with an elasticized shirred back and a full skirt.

Asian-inspired cross-front woven dress

This tutorial and pattern (size 5T) shows how to make a woven cross front dress with snaps.

Twirly skirt with shorts underneath

This tutorial shows how to make a twirl skirt, a twirl skirt with shorts underneath and a detachable pouch.

Double Layered Twirly Girly Skirt

This tutorial shows how to make an adorable double layered drop waist skirt. It includes instructions for adding an applique to a shirt, as well.

Scalloped Hem Circle Skirt with Pockets

This tutorial shows how to make a drop waist circle skirt with a panel at each side that has pockets and a scalloped edge hem.

Tankini swimsuit for little girl

This tutorial shows how to make a tankini swimsuit for a small child.  This is for those parents that want to have a hoochie-less two piece suit for their little girl.  I need to update this tutorial, as there is a better way to do the top.  This gives you an idea of how it can be constructed, though.

Twirly Woven and Knit Summer Dress

This tutorial shows how to make a dress that mixes wovens with knits.  It gives the basic measurements for a size 7 dress.  It also shows how to make the yoyo clip.

Basics of upcycling

This tutorial just walks you through upcycling some adult women’s clothes into a top and pants for the girl child.


 Cascading front knit cardigan

This shows how to draft a knit cardigan with the large drape for the collar.  This shows how to do a kid sized one, but you can draft it for an adult, as well.


 Baby Blanket with Minky (a.k.a. Cuddle Fleece), Flannel and Satin Binding

This tutorial shows how to put together a plush baby blanket.  Sorry that the pictures are a bit dark.  I had just gotten a new monitor and it was set to super bright, so I thought the pictures were lighter than they were.


Chiffon Ruffled Dress

This doesn’t have a step by step, with a picture at each step, description.  It does go through how to make this dress and has a collage of pictures.  This wasn’t the easiest dress to make, but it was much cheaper than the $200 inspiration dress.


High-low top

This tutorial goes through how to draft a high-low top, in addition to some tips for sewing for a tween.





Lens Cozy

This tutorial is for making a soft cover for you DSLR lens, so you can “throw” it in your purse or a bag when you are on the go without your camera bag.

DSLR Camera Strap Cover

This tutorial shows how to make a cover for a DSLR camera strap.  It includes instructions for adding a shirred lens cap pocket and pockets for two memory cards.

A Fabric Filled Cushion

This tutorial shows the steps to make a basic cushion that is filled with fabric scraps.  An eco way to recycle something that would otherwise go unused!